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About our Founding Sponsors

We are greatly indebted to our founding sponsors Barbara and Arnold Grevior for their enthusiasm and support to help us make the Saint Augustine Film Festival a reality!

As long-time supporters of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, it was this special couple's desire to recreate that magical film festival experience on the historic First Coast as well, paving the way for our Saint Augustine Film Festival.  


With over10 years of experience now, we can say that there is a magic to this Festival with regular attendees who come back year after year (as well as filmmakers) and then introduce their friends and family to this Festival. It all helps spread the word of this special First Festival on the First Coast each year.

Our many thanks to you always!

Reel regards,

Gregory von Hausch

Barbara and Arnold Grevior, Founders

Barbara and Arnold Grevior

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