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To provide a rich cultural experience to the public that highlights the skills of independent and foreign filmmakers and offers fresh insights into different cultures, the common bonds that link us, and the emotional art of storytelling. To make a significant, ongoing cinematic impact in St. Augustine and Northeast Florida that attracts visitors and residents and supports that there is “Culture Around Every Corner” in St. Johns County.

Dear SAFF Festival Attendees and the City of Saint Augustine,


Every January we attract audiences as far away as Canada and the northern states as well as those communities around Saint Augustine Florida. These visitors descend upon our city with a common interest – to see some really great movies!


The Saint Augustine Film Festival (SAFF) is now upon the eve of our 13th season. We highlight independent and foreign films that aren’t usually seen outside a Festival environment. Saint Augustine is indeed the city with “Culture Around Every Corner”. We pride on being a city rich with diverse cultures and history that make our city an ideal spot for a Film Festival!


Given that the Festival runs from Thursday through Sunday, our film patrons take the opportunity to explore all that our City has to offer. Visitors spend money not only on the Festival but on meals, sightseeing, hotels, and shopping before, in-between  and after films. There is much to do in Saint Augustine which is why we have repeat attendees year after year.


We are here to make your attendance to our annual festival a key part of great memories you make this year! Our SAFF efforts are made to assure your festival experience goes beyond your expectations. Our goal is to make SAFF part of your annual ritual of destinations.


We hope that you will enjoy the Saint Augustine Film Festival, our events and activities. Most of all, you come to SAFF to see great films!  Our promise is that we will provide film fans some wonderful films this year!


Thank you for your commitment to supporting culture in Saint Augustine!




Gregory von Hausch; President & CEO

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